1. Introduction

Evoke Digital Australia Limited recognizes the importance of maintaining your privacy. We value your privacy and appreciate your trust in us. This Policy describes how we treat user information we collect on Evoplay. This Privacy Policy applies to current and former users of our Product. By using our Products, you agree to this Privacy Policy.

The Privacy Policy Statement emphasizes the fair, sensitive, and secure treatment of user information to comply with the Act. The policy applies to users of evoplay.com.au, including associated mobile sites and services defined in the terms of use. Users are encouraged to read both the privacy policy and terms of use. Personal information is collected during registration or when users take actions on the website, adhering to International legal definitions. By using EvoPlay's services, users consent to the collection, storage, processing, and transfer of personal information in accordance with the privacy policy and terms and conditions.

2. Collection of information and use

1. By engaging with Evoplay, users acknowledge and agree to the collection and use of personal information, including registration details and transaction-related data, as outlined in the privacy policy. The information may include name, email address, contact details, age, gender, password, location, and occupation. Evoplay is committed to transparent data collection to enhance user experience while ensuring confidentiality and security. Additional details on the types of information collected and activities subject to collection are available in clauses 2 and 3 of the privacy policy.

2. In certain instances, you may disclose your debit or credit card details or other bank account information when utilizing any services provided on the platform under a subscription / Rent model.

3. Any remarks or other content that you openly post or share on the platform.

4. If you connect with the platform or its associated services through a social media service, we may gather your user ID or username, any data you've authorized the social media service to share with us, and any information you've made public on the social media service.

5. Your usage patterns on the platform, interests, purchasing habits, and other traceable online, app-related, and mobile activities, such as visited destinations, viewed advertisements, or consumed content.

6. Particulars of the computer system or network you use to access the platform and engage in any activities on it, including a unique device identifier involving user behavior from web-based cookies, session identifiers from device ID, commercially available services, and data aggregator platforms.

7. User preferences (e.g., language settings).

8. IP address, operating system, browser type, browser version, browser configuration, internet service provider's name, and other computer and connection-related details relevant to identifying your device type, connecting to the platform, facilitating data exchange with you and your device, and ensuring convenient use of the platform.

9. The URL and IP address of the website from which you accessed our platform or were directed to it, along with the date and time.

10. Subpages visited during your time on our platform, links followed on the platform, along with the date and time.

11. The complete URL clickstream to, through, and from the platform, including date and time.

12. Transaction history, covering ongoing and completed transactions.

13. Search terms inputted.

14. Services/products viewed or searched for on the platform.

15. Shopping cart and payment details.

16. Credit card information.

17. Information obtained through cookies or similar technologies (as outlined in the subsequent section).

18. Subscriptions to newsletters, enrollment in promotions, and usage of special offers, etc.

19. Consents, authorizations, etc., granted.

20. Survey responses, reviews, ratings, and other forms of feedback provided.

21. Contents of any communications sent via the platform, including shared information in social communities or chat messages and transcripts.

22. Information regarding software downloaded from the platform.

23. Any other information entered or uploaded onto the platform (e.g., content filled into an online form or photos uploaded).

The platform collects personal information for various purposes as outlined in its privacy policy. These include improving website usage, contacting users for services, complying with legal requirements, and delivering promotional materials. The data may also be used for content recommendations, transactional emails, and marketing efforts. User behavior and preferences are tracked for internal analytics, eligibility evaluation, customer research, and advertising analysis. The platform may integrate third-party software for targeted advertising and improved user experience, collecting identifiers and behavior data. Information is gathered through server logs, tracking technologies, cookies, and web beacons. Users can manage cookies through browser settings, but disabling them may affect website access. The platform may combine personal data for better services. User consent is necessary for data collection, storage, use, and disclosure as specified in the privacy policy, essential for providing services and enhancing the user experience.

3. In-Built Features of Our Platform

The platform offers in-built features to enhance user experience. One notable feature involves the collection of television viewership data, including personal information, to tailor content and recommendations for users.

4. Information sharing and disclosure

The platform receiving personal information commits to making reasonable efforts to prevent unauthorized disclosure. Personal data may be shared with platform entities, joint ventures, business partners, agents, or third parties for service provision, marketing activities, and enhancing service quality. Users explicitly consent to this sharing. The platform endeavors to impose contractual obligations on third parties to protect information, but they may alter their policies independently. Disclosure of personal information may occur to facilitate commercial transactions, and recipients may be located in countries with varying data protection standards compared to the user's home country.

5. Compliance with Laws and Law Enforcement

The platform emphasizes its commitment to collaboration with government, law enforcement agencies, and third parties, as required by applicable laws. It retains the right to disclose information, including sensitive personal data, without user consent if necessary to comply with legal obligations. This includes responding to valid claims, legal processes, protecting the platform's rights, ensuring public safety, preventing illegal activities, or addressing unethical or legally actionable behavior. Personal information may be shared with governmental authorities upon their demand. User complaints will undergo an internal resolution process, with a commitment to providing a decision within 45 days.

6. Business Transfers

The platform retains the right to transfer or share its assets, including user personal information, in scenarios such as mergers, acquisitions, reorganizations, or bankruptcy. Users are required to consent to the potential transfer of their personal information in such cases. The platform assures users that, in the event of a transfer or sale, the transferee will handle personal information in accordance with the privacy policy outlined.

7. Email Policies:

This platform operates with a commitment to handling personal information for specific purposes. Users retain control over the emails they receive, and clear unsubscribe instructions are provided in communications. It's important to note that opting out may take some time to become effective.

8. Data Security:

This platform places a strong emphasis on data security, implementing various safeguards and precautions to protect user information. Measures have been established to prevent unauthorized access and data loss, aligning with industry-standard security practices. The platform maintains consistency with security protocols observed by similar websites. Users are actively encouraged to contribute to IT security efforts, fostering a collaborative approach to maintaining a secure environment.

9. Data Retention:

Personal information is held for a duration deemed necessary for specific purposes, with recognition of legal obligations that may necessitate extended data retention.

10. Deleting Your Information:

Users have the option to request the deletion of their personal information. However, it's important to note that opting for deletion may result in the cancellation of registration and limited access to certain services.

11. Links to Other Sites/Financial Data:

Our platform provides links to external websites for user convenience, and third-party payment gateways handle subscription fees. We do not collect direct financial information. Users are encouraged to review the privacy policies of external websites, as our platform is not responsible for their practices.

12. Security:

In ensuring the utmost security for user information, robust commercially reasonable security practices are employed, bolstered by SSL encryption to safeguard submitted data. Stringent measures are in place to protect user data from unauthorized access, with ongoing maintenance of security practices entrusted to reputable third parties. Additionally, privacy law considerations are diligently taken into account when transferring data internationally, ensuring a comprehensive and compliant approach to data protection.

13. Changes in Privacy Policy:

The privacy policy is subject to periodic updates, and users are encouraged to stay informed about any changes. By continuing to use the services, individuals implicitly express their acceptance of the current privacy policy in effect. It underscores the importance of regularly reviewing the policy to ensure understanding and compliance with any modifications made over time.

14. Phishing:

The platform prioritizes user security by placing a strong emphasis on safeguarding against identity theft and phishing attempts. Notably, the system ensures an extra layer of protection by refraining from requesting sensitive information such as credit card or national identification numbers in non-secure communications. This commitment to privacy and secure practices aims to create a trustworthy environment for users, minimizing the risks associated with online threats and unauthorized access to personal data.

Note: The platform encourages users to stay informed about security practices, data retention, and policy updates while emphasizing their role in safeguarding personal information.

For inquiries regarding the privacy policy or any interactions with the website, please contact evoplay at info@evoplay.com.au