01. What is Evoplay?

Evoplay is Sri Lanka's largest Sinhala movie platform, offering a diverse range of entertainment from classical to the latest releases. With around 10,000+ content hours spanning various genres, Evoplay provides a seamless connection to Sri Lanka's rich cinematic heritage and cultural essence. The platform features more than 300+ Sinhala movies in its extensive collection, showcasing the depth and variety of Sri Lankan cinema. Evoplay is a web-based streaming platform accessible worldwide through the www.evoplay.com.au website, allowing users to easily access and enjoy Sri Lankan movies at their fingertips anytime, anywhere.

02. Should I Subscribe to the service ?

Yes. You have two options available in this service. Either you can subscribe to the service or you can purchase any movie you prefer and watch. This will be a one time payment and anytime you want to watch you can make the payment and enjoy.

03. Is there a free trail for the subscriptions?

Yes, there is a 7-day free trail, where users can enjoy movie for free for 7 days.

04. What is the payment plan available for this service?

1. Monthly Subscription Model – AUD 7.99

2. Rent per Movie Model [This will allow users to pay to watch an individual movie and be able to watch for one week.]
  • Premium Movie

    – AUD 9.99

05. How to sign in to this service?

Sign in Via Web

  1. User clicks on the link www.evoplay.com.au and it directs to Evoplay Home Page.
  2. User Clicks on Sign in Button. If already signed in, user can enter email and password. New users can click on the "Register Here" button.
  3. User needs to enter email address, name, and password to register.
  4. A pop-up message appears for email verification, prompting the user to click on the email verification link sent to their provided email address.
  5. After email verification, user is redirected to the Sign in Page where they need to enter the user name & password.
  6. Once they enter user credentials it will redirect to the home page where they can select the movie they want to watch. They then click on the "Subscribe Now" button for Subscription Plans.
  7. Finally User is directed to the payment gateway [Stripe Account]

06. How do I create an account?

You can manage your account by simply logging into www.evoplay.com.au

07. What is the minimum age requirement?

Anyone above 16 years of age

08. Will I be charged for Data ?

Currently, you will be charged based on your internet service provider.

09. Why is my video slow and getting stuck sometimes?

The slowness of your connection is depending on the speed of your internet connection.

10. Is offline Download available?

Offline download is currently not available.

11. What is the Picture Quality of the content?

Picture Quality Varies from content to content from 360P to 1080 P.

12. Can I use Evoplay on SMART TV ?

Yes, you can use web browser on your smart TV and enjoy watching movies.