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Evoke Digital Australia serves as a valuable partner for startups and established brands, offering guidance and support in navigating the complexities of the digital landscape. Whether it's establishing a digital footprint for fledgling startups or enhancing the online presence of established brands, Evoke Digital Australia offers comprehensive solutions to accompany organizations on their digital journey. Evoke Digital Australia is also a prominent player in revolutionizing mobile services and entertainment globally. There local business specializes in aggregating and providing platforms for movies, music, videos, and other content, making them a leading force in the industry.

Evoplay is Sri Lanka's largest Sinhala movie platform, offering a diverse range of entertainment from classical to the latest releases. With around 10,000+ content hours spanning various genres, Evoplay provides a seamless connection to Sri Lanka's rich cinematic heritage and cultural essence. The platform features more than 300+ Sinhala movies in its extensive collection, showcasing the depth and variety of Sri Lankan cinema. Evoplay is a web-based streaming platform accessible worldwide through the www.evoplay.com.auwebsite, allowing users to easily access and enjoy Sri Lankan movies at their fingertips anytime, anywhere.

Evoke Digital Australia


Melbourne Office :

Ground Floor, 470, St. Kilda Road,

Melbourne 3004, Australia.

For more information please drop an email to info@evoplay.com.au

Sri Lanka

Colombo Office:

No.86, Kirula Road,

Colombo 00500, Sri Lanka.